Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Day

Another day here in the Anderson household, not too much going on. I am trying to get a YMCA built in our area but am getting overwhelmed with all of the owrk that is going to be involved. I have so days where I am ready to take on the world, and others where I just want to stay in bed. However, I am pushing through, thinkin about going back on meds, but I really hate to depend on drugs. (Especially since we are ttrying to get pregnant) Anyway, we went to a neighborhood picnic today which was also a halloween party and Ryan was dressed up as Woody. He had alot of fun and it was neat to meet some new neighbors.


Christina said...

Hey Rhonda, just so you know, we all have those days! So don't worry about it! Sometimes, you just force yourself through a day, and wake up the next and things are better. You'll be ok! Sometimes you have to set small goals for yourself in order to reach the big ones. That way you can see yourself progressing without feeling overwhelmed by the big picture!

4Garrisons said...

Oh Rhonda, you should really get the book The Kind Diet. It has great tips and has a peaceful yet exciting tone about it. I would lend you mine, but i read it quite often. I am Glad you are looking into getting a YMCA...we go to ours all the time and i LOVE it.