Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Being Pregnant, Hate Being Pregnant

Well, well, well, what a month! So excited to be pregnant again but I have been SOOOO nauseated, heart-burned, and sleepless for almost a month and it is killing me! I decided to go ahead and finish school and get my degree because I really wanted to finish something for once in my life, the right way. So, my plan is to get my Associates degree in Accounting in May, have the Baby in September and then see how things go from there. While social work is something I really want to pursue, I may put it off until both kids are in school. Besides, I can't really help other peoples kids until I get mine on the right track, right? Anyway, I am working part-time just to help with the bills and then when the baby comes I will probably stay home for a few months and take care of the kids. We still go to church, but Justin has kinda lost some enthusiasm for it. We did have the missionaries over a few weeks ago and watched the story of Joseph Smith, and it was really neat. I even learned stuff that I didn't know! It's funny, because although I went to church throughout my ehole childhood, I don't know that I ever really paid attention. Everything I am reading about now sounds familiar, but yet new to me. Weird. Anyway, Ryan still won't go to Primary by himself-completely shy around everyone there-which is odd because he is so social most of the time. I am sure in time he will warm up to everyone. I find it funny almost every Sunday, someone in Gospel Doctrine tells me that he can go to Sunbeams, and I am like, I know, I tried, he is just not comfortable enough to go in there alone. Anyway, just trying to get through each day, hopefully the next day is better than today.