Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is making me itch????

Seriously, this about drove me nuts! A few months ago I started itching, like everywhere and could not figure out what it was!! My back, my legs, my hair ugh!! everything!! I even thought I had a yeast infection....I finally figured it out...ERA laundry detergent!! I was talking to my babysitter and she suggested I change detergents to see if I saw any change and waalaa!!!! Seriously, I thought dry skin, sensitive skin...something....I never thought I could be allergic to laundry soap! Anyway, yes I changed from ERA to All Free & Clear which does not have any dyes or allergens and life is just peachy!! It is so weird actually being able to sit still for awhile and not feel the urge to scratch!! Oh the oblivion!!! Haha, just thought I would share!! Later!