Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello Everyone! I get to reading everyone else's blogs and suddenly I am in the mood to write in my own! Well, everything is going pretty good for us in little ol' Missouri and Ryan is just growing up so fast! He is also learning how to talk back to mommy and daddy now in his own little way....very frustrating but enlightening.......I am still in awe the transition one goes through from child to parent and how your perception of everything completely changes. Sarah, if you are reading this, I absolutely get it now!! Anyway, children are amazing! Ryan comes up and talks to me and goes on and on about something or other and I just cant help but laugh because I have no idea what he is saying, yet he is so expressive and adamant about what he is saying! His enthusiasm for life is so invigorating, I really do not know how I could live without him! Justin, on the other hand is a bit dull, just kidding!! I love him so much, and besides he is the reason I have Ryan!! Anyway, so we went on vacation to New Mexico which was so fun and Ryan became buddies with Grampa and Denise! When Grampa wasnt around he was always with Denise, and when she wasnt around he always wanted to know what Grampa was doing!! So adorable!! We got to do alot down in Alamo, but Denise has most of our pictures, so I am waiting for those to post! Well, I hope everyone is doing well! Adios for now!!!