Sunday, December 27, 2009

What A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! We had such a great Christmas here at home, just me, Justin and Ryan! We got snowed in this year, but it was nice to just be with our little family for a day. Ryan loved opening presents this year, and we had a blast watching him. We got him a spongebob stuffed animal and when he went to open it, he just stood there and looked at me and Justin and asked, where's Patrick!?? We both just burst out laughing! The next present he opened was, of course, a patrick stuffed animal. He brings so much joy to our life, we are so blessed to have him with us!! We got to play in the snow and build a snow man. Ryan can not pronounce the "s" sound yet, so he just calls it "no" instead of snow. We are doing really great, and hope everyone else is. Dennis and Sandra were able to stop by on their way to Colorado, and they are so much fun! I would love it if we could all live closer!! Anyway, hope to hear from everyone soon! Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!

Rhonda, Justin, and Ryan


Christina said...

Ryan is so cute! Didn't know you had a dog, or did I? Can't remember! Good to hear from you! You should update your blog more often! :)

Sandra said...

Oh man wish I could have been there to see that Christmas. Ryan's reaction was priceless. =) Love the pictures. Thanks for posting.

edsajadaha05 said...

I remember when Dallin couldn't pronounce his "s" sounds. It was so cute!